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Guangzhou Eusens Technology Co.,Ltd


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Eusens Control System was established in 2006 as a manufacturer of "turnkey" motion control systems. Since its start, we developed a line of Stepper Motor Drivers and Controllers. PLC Modules, Rotary Sensors, Networked Devices, Stand Alone Solutions, Packaging Systems Controls, and Stamping Press Technologies, Its' stress on R&D has insured the continuing introduction of advanced stepper motor driver/controller product. Today, Eusens Control System ranks among the leading makers of control products, an edge increased by its wonderful name for quality products at competitive prices.EusensI products can be found everywhere.

As the company grew, it added other motion control products, like Servo Motors, Brushless DC Motors, DC Brush Motors, AC Motors, Drives, Controllers, Gear motors, Gearboxes, Couplings, Brakes, Tables and Linear Guides, to name a few. Eusens Control System offers a good sort of normal motion management product that may be purchased in many totally different levels, like computer circuit boards, modular, or as Integrated Motor/Driver/Controller units and Driver Packs. Driver Packs contain drivers with matched power provide, designed with or without indexers or controllers, in a fan-cooled enclosure. Driver Packs and Integrated Motor products are typically the preferred selection for end-user customers because of their completeness and ease-of-use. OEM customers tend to prefer the creativity, flexibility and cost-savings of the sub-assembly design approach. Buyers appreciate the simplicity of the "one-stop shop," while engineers are pleased with Eusens Control System's dedicated involvement in their specific system design.

Eusens Control System product lines are efficient solutions, therein they're far-famed for his or her ingenious packaging, rugged construction, and glorious performance. continuing sales growth has resulted from dedicated engineering, friendly client service and skilled application help, surpassing the customer's expectations for fulfilling their specific necessities. whereas an honest portion of Eusens Control System's sales involves special, custom, or private-labeling necessities, the corporate takes pride in its giant stock base settled in Guangzhou,China..

Eusens Control System's varied customers are corporations operational or coming up with automatic machinery or processes that involve food, cosmetics or medical packaging, labeling or tamper-evident necessities, cut-to-length applications, assembly, conveyor, material handling, robotics, special picture taking and projection effects, medical medical specialty, examination and security devices, pump flow management, metal fabrication (CNC machinery), chromosome and rotary tables, and instrumentality upgrades. Eusens Control System is that the wise alternative where exactitude positioning or speed management is required!

Registration date: Nov 15, 2011

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Eusens Control System Co.,Ltd  
  Eusens Control System Co.,Ltd
Programmable logic controller (PLC)
MBDHT2510E Panasonic Servo drive A5 series. The power is 400 watt panaasonic servo motor driver. MBDHT2510E is new model for A4 400 watt servo motor drivers. Customers can use MBDKT2510E, because it is newer...
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