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TECHNIFLEX, especially designs and manufactures Flexible Air Ducts having different diameter and material which can be used at the where you need pratical, flexible and effective solutions to transfer the cold/warm air. It can be folded easily so that consumes less volume. This gives us oportunity to carry without spending much effort.
These ducts can be used in various types of applications because they are prodused by different materails. All series of ducts in the production can be designed wheather with large or small diameter for any applications of pressuring or vacumuming.
We have wide range of production in all our ventilation duct and flexible hose types with all types of fabric, diameter and length accord with temperature and pressure of ventilation system.

Product list:
Industrial hoses, Silicone hose, Red silicone coated fiber glass hose, Hot Air Duct, High temperature hose, Insulation hose, Mining ventilation hose,Tunnel ventilation duct, High temperature hose, PVC duct, PVC ducting, Spiral Flexible, Flexible hoses, Flexible Duct, Flexible ducting, flexible duct and hoses, Lay Flat duct, Neoprene, Oil Resistant, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Sawdust & Woodchips, High flexibility, Vibration resistant,defence hose, Small bend radius, Improved temperature resistance, Good chemical resistance, PCA ducting, Pre-Conditioned Air Hose, Fire Retardant, APU, GSE GRound support equipment duct, mobile heating duct, Anti static hose, Flame resistant, Aviation Duct Hose, External steel helix protects against abrasion, Schlauchhersteller, insulation duct, Kabelschutzsysteme, Polyethylene ducting with external steel helix, Crushproof, flexschlauch, Microbe resistant hoses, Abrashion Resistant Polyurethane Hoses, Hoses For The Woodworking Industries, Hoses for the Health - Food Industry, Hoses For A/C, Ventilation, Andwelding Fumes, Tunnel Mining Ventilation Hoses, Medium And High Temperature Hoses, Agricultural Hoses, Chemical Hoses, hose clamp,hanging unit, Techniflex, flexible hose manufacturer and flexible hoses supplier, Industrial High Pressure Hose, Teflon Hose, exhaust fume extraction hoses

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Registration date: Dec 2, 2013

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Contact: Mr. SERHAT UNAL Internal-Mail:
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Country: Turkey ZIP/Postal Code: 06370
State/Province/Region: Phone: +0090(312)3857041
City: ANKARA Fax:
Address: 100. Yil Bulvari 1234.Sokak (Eski 57. Sokak) No:96 Ostim –ANKARA-TURKEY Web Site:
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