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Export Seafood


1./ Frozen surimi ( ITOYORI; ESO; MIXED)

2./ Frozen Bonito whole round

3./ Frozen skipjack tuna.

4./ Frozen round scad for tuna bait.

5./ Frozen red tail scad whole round

6./ Frozen big eye scad whole round

7./ Frozen Layang scad whole round

8./ Frozen Hardtail whole round

9./ Frozen Herring sardines whole round

10./ Frozen Yellow strip trevally scad whole round

11./ Frozen Gizzard shad whole round

12./ Frozen threadfin bream whole round

13./ Frozen whole cleaned octopus

14./ Frozen whole cleaned baby cuttlefish

15./ Frozen cuttlefish fillet

16./ Frozen cuttlefish head

17./ Frozen Loligo squid whole round or whole cleaned

19./ Frozen seafood mixed

20./ Frozen leather jacket fish skinless or whole round

21/ Frozen Horse Mackerel


1./ Dry salted anchovy headless

2./ Dry salted yellow strip trevally fillet

3./ Dry salted yellow tail scad fillet

4./ Dry salted red big eyes scad fillet

5./ Dry salted red big eye scad headless, skinless

6./ Dry salted lizardfish sliced 5-7 cm

8./ Dry loligo squid skinless or skin on

9./ Dry anchovy head on, whole round

10./ Dry baby shrimp.

11./ Dry seasoned filefish filet and oval shape

12./ Dry flat head fillet and oval shape

13./ Dry solefish skinless, headless

14./ Dry sting ray cut

15./ Dry cuttlefish

16/Tuna Loin SASHIMI

17/Tuna Loin, yellow fin, vac/pac

Registration date: Dec 4, 2013

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