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Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd


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Volsun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2006, is an innovative company specializing in R&D, manufacture and sale of standard & custom high performance cross-linked materials esp. heat shrinkable materials for the electronic, electrical, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, oil and gas markets in China.
We are specializing in manufacturing different kinds of products, such as PE heat shrinkable tubing, Teflon tubing, Silicone Rubber Tubing,EPDM Tubing, PVC Tubing ,Identification Tubing and Finish Cables and Wires etc.
Volsun has been creatively supplying solutions for electrical insulation and mechanical protection for parts, wires, cables and pipes for the electronics, automotive, electrical power, metallurgy, Petrochemical industry markets etc.

Registration date: Jan 3, 2014

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Contact: Mr. Di Jimmy Internal-Mail:
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Country: China ZIP/Postal Code: 215101
State/Province/Region: Jiangsu Phone: +86(512)66386808
City: Suzhou Fax:
Address: No 216, Jinfeng Road Web Site:
Product List   
flame retardant heat shrink tube  
  flame retardant heat shrink tube
Cable trays
Flame retardant heat shrinkable tubing, made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin, has excellent physicochemical and electrical properties. It can reliably insulate cable and wire splices and terminations, effectively...
Environmentally Friendly Adhesive lined Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube  
  Environmentally Friendly Adhesive lined Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube
Tube sockets
SBRS-125G(3X)(4X) is a cross-linked polyolefin tube that is extruded with an inner layer of adhesive. The inner layer of adhesive, with superior sealing capability, is also a buffer against mechanical strain. Dual...
Non-slip textured heat shrink tubing  
  Non-slip textured heat shrink tubing
Fishing rods
 Non-slip textured heat shrink tubing is made of irradiation cross-linked polymer alloy, followed by a surface treatment. This products typically used for non-slip, non-skid decorative purpose for handles and...
  silicone rubber glass fiber sleeves
There are two types of silicone rubber glass fiber sleeves available from Volsun Electronics, i.e. Type A Inner fiberglass outside braided silicone rubber——coating the outside tightly braided fiberglass sleeves all...
  Silicone Rubber Tubing
Bulk transporters
● High temperature resistant,voltage withstand,flame retardant,flexible,SGS certified,ROHS compliant ● Continuous operating...
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