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Zegen Metals&Chemcials Limited


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We are a resource-oriented enterprise, service include minor metals and chemicals, which are mostly rare and precious. As a newly player, we have great experience, no matter raw metals or processed chemical products, and also get an advantageous position. Our company is located in Hong Kong, taking advantage of amplified resource from China mainland at the same time. The products are based on elements, which is expanded into many different chemicals for various purpose, as metal element, oxide, sulphate , chloride, nitrate and so on. For metal element, it is not just in lump shape, we also process them into granule, alloy granule, powder, alloy powder, wire, alloy wire, foil, needle. It also could be made upon customerís request. With long-term working experience, we could guarantee high efficient, good quality, unworried service. Hope we are partner of more and more company and realize our service and value.

Zegen Metals&Chemicals Limited

Minor Metals: tellurium, bismuth, vanadium, germanium, gallium, mercury, thallium, selenium, antimony, indium,scandium, yttrium, cerium,lanthanum
Chemicals: tellurium dioxide, tellurium chloride, bismuth trioxide, bismuth vanadate, vanadium dioxide, vanadium trioxide, vanadium pentoxide, vanadyl sulfate, vanadyl oxalate, ammonium metavanadate, sodium metavanadate, potassium metavanadate, germanium dioxide, gallium oxide, gallium chloride, gallium nitrate, thallium sulfate, selenium dioxide, selenious acid, sodium selenite, selenium sulfide, sodium acetate, antimony trioxide, indium oxide, indium hydroxide, indium sulfate, indium nitrate, indium chloride, indium tin oxide, scandium oxide,cerium oxide, yttrium oxide, lanthanum hexaboride

Registration date: Dec 26, 2013

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Contact: Mr. Richard Castle Internal-Mail:
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Country: Hong Kong ZIP/Postal Code: 99907
State/Province/Region: Phone: +86(189)74905158
City: Hong Kong Fax:
Address: Rm.19C., Lockhart Ctr, 301-307 Lockarht Rd. Wan Chai Web Site:
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